Running around The Thorngrove Table

Sorry for the runabout - I'm just trying to make you work up an appetite!

The posts for The Thorngrove Table, my medieval & modern cuisine blog that I wrote 2005-2009, is now only hosted on Wordpress, here:

The Thorngrove Table

It has 5 years of recipes, articles and reviews on modern and medieval cuisine from the now-defunct Typepad blog.

Sadly most of the photos from 2006 - 2009 died with the abrupt demise of Lycos, but the text is still there. Unless specifically requested, I'm not going to hunt down them down and upload them.

Although I'm currently not writing my cooking blog, I may go back to it some day when I have more spare time.

Spare time? [cue manic laughter in the background]

If you have any questions or requests however, I'll be happy to help. Just drop me a line at

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